The AUTO I.D. technology provides the necessary transparency for organizations to properly assess and mitigate risk by having a clear vision of their financial exposure due to the over collateralization of loans included in their auto loan portfolio.


The AUTO I.D. technology platform is a tool for auto finance companies, lenders, and dealers to operate their businesses in the most compliant manner possible regarding the value and equipment configuration of the underlying vehicle being funded. AUTO I.D. clients are now able to identify the frequency and severity of collateral misrepresentations and the impact to the consumer. Now, with AUTO I.D.’s leading edge technology and service solutions, having the ability to positively impact a consumer’s credit score is a reality and becoming a key component in auto finance.

Loss Mitigation/Recovery

Historically, pictures and auction condition reports have been the only way to identify when a vehicle was misrepresented at origination or had missing equipment. This historical process typically caught 10-15% of the value of the misrepresentation. Now, through AUTO I.D. technology, and years of dealership experience our team can recover the true “incremental loss” due to the misrepresentation. Our team of experts have reviewed hundreds of thousands of vehicles with “missing equipment” and have made AUTO I.D. the “industry standard” and “source of truth” around a vehicle’s accurate value, and correct trim and option configuration.

Executive Management/Leadership

Leadership at auto finance companies, lenders, OEM’s, and dealerships, all benefit from accurate information and timely data. Decisions to operate organizations properly, efficiently, and profitably are key goals for all managers. AUTO I.D. gives all clients the ability to make good decisions based on accurate, timely information in the life-cycle of the automotive finance process. AUTO I.D. provides the leaders of these companies with the ability to make critical decisions around risk, compliance, credit decisions, and customers that is a first in the automotive industry.