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Based in Nashville, Auto I.D. is the first software technology platform that combines manufacturer (OEM) build information, data analytics, proprietary technology, and in-depth industry knowledge, to provide solutions unmatched in the industry. The Auto I.D. platform and service solutions include equipment verification, collateral validation, data analytics, and fraud indicators, which are the first in the automotive industry.

Annually, lenders charge-off approximately $1.0 Billion dollars due to the lack of transparency in the funding process that ultimately becomes a loss within the lending entity.

Over the past 8 years Auto I.D. has worked with the OEM’s, data providers and evaluators (Kelley Blue Book, J. D. Power, and Black Book) to create a comprehensive solution of recovery for our customers. It is driven by leading edge technology and decades of automotive industry expertise.

Auto I.D. combines the power of an AI learning technology platform with a team of highly skilled industry experts with backgrounds and experience ranging from Finance, Technology, Auto Dealership (owners, general mgrs., F&I, service, sales) and OEM relations. This allows us to provide transparency of the collateral being funded and accurate values for the proper assessment of risk, which we believe benefits all.

Auto I.D. has partnerships with many of the industry leaders and customers that include some of the largest automotive lenders in the country. Our customers are able to utilize our technology and services for recovering loss, mitigating risk, improving compliance, identifying fraud, and increased consumer protection, which ultimately improves the financial performance of our clients.